Marvel should call any minute now.

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Found him. [x]

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Movie Characters Taking Selfies in Classic Movie Scenes [video]

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I don’t feel very good about myself. 
People always leave me. 
Nobody can stand me for very long. 
I wish I could cut my tongue out, 
or take out the part of my brain 
that has opinions. Or cares. 
I wish I could be simple. 
Be quiet, introverted, or shy. 
I’m half way in between a wallflower 
at a party and Elvis Presley. 
People love one or the other. 
In between is no place to be.

— Taken from a one page play by Jack White, supposedly written when he was nineteen.  (via jackswhites)

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Damon Albarn at Governors Ball June 6, 2014, USA.

Photos by Rory Biller

Your coffee shop does not love you as much as @varietycoffee loves me. Thanks, Sean!

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art student hair

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