We make a lot of noise between us

The last one kills me

2014 Tribeca Film Festival portraits, April 18th, 2014

What do you know about Ramona Flowers!?!?!


Greta Gerwig photographed by David Needleman for Scene magazine

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The Grand Budapest Hotel, Dir. Wes Anderson 

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"High Ball Stepper" from JACK WHITE’S new album LAZARETTO out June 9/10. Learn more here: http://thirdmanrecords.com/news/view/jack-white-lazaretto

My body is ready

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California facts:
-we surf to school
-if we don’t say “dude” at least 10 times a day we will die
-same with “like”
-we cry when it’s 60 degrees Fahrenheit bc it’s cold

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not so long ago, in the mysterious land of toronto, canada, scott pilgrim was dating a tumblr user.

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Soo Jin!


Soo Jin!

Old movies, food and drink, dead authors with much to impart, and a love that comes back to life: such are the joys, according to this uncomfortably honest film, worth setting against our disappointments, and against the many ravages that lie in store.

Anthony Lane reviews the new movie “Le Week-End”: http://nyr.kr/1qwd1yu (via newyorker)

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