On the question of whether Haneke would make a film about Hitler: There is a question of responsibility … first and foremost to your viewers, your audience. Responsibility entails enabling your audience to remain independent and free of manipulation. The question is how seriously do I take my viewer, to what extent do I provide him with the opportunity of creating his own opinion…

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the current look is ‘young marge’ like in the episodes when she’s in high school and she wears her hair down, i just got this marge coloured makeup haha i recall them promoting this when iwas at comicon and they had legit marges there in full costume

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It’s the final count down! #NYC v. #Riverside @lannyhuang #NYC for the win! @loftycoffeeco #SDTNT (at Rhino Art Co.)

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This happened to me so often, I started weighing pasta with the gram scale I use for coffee.

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Hayley Williams opens up about the band’s success as a trio, tour injuries, Game of Thrones and being bad at Paramore karaoke.

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i feel like tall people at concerts have everything they want in the world

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This shit better work

Five paydays this month?  Fuck yes.

I’m dying my hair again. officially

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